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Create Video Product Reviews and Earn Amazon gift cards

Hello there infomercial lovers:

I posted something similar awhile back, but the promotion has changed. Check it out, you can get up to $200 in Amazon gift cards! I promise it's legit.

Expo TV is a new start-up TV network and online community that is looking for people to send in their short VIDEO reviews of products they love and hate. Pleased with your PDA? Can't live without your iPod? Jazzed about your Juicer? If you have an opinion, good or bad, Expo TV wants to hear it...and will pay you for it!!

Expo TV is currently offering a special promotion where you can earn a $50 gift card for the first Videopinion you create and get $25 worth of gift cards for each additional video, up to $200 (7 videos) per person! This is a great opportunity to share your product stories, help grow this new community, get exposure, and most importantly earn gift cards to buy new stuff at!

Check out the video gallery at and click on the "Beta Promotion" link on the left-hand side of the page for more information.
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