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new here!

hi everyone, i just joined. :] dunno if anyone's been checking the community recently but it couldn't hurt to post.

i get very tempted by infomercials but since i usually don't have the money to buy it, i never call. still, some of the things might be worth saving up for so i was wondering if anyone has the inside scoop on some of the things i'm interested in.

right now i'm looking at the flavor wave oven/flavor wave oven deluxe. i'm not very good in the kitchen at all, and i'm a vegetarian so i don't get too excited when i think about cooking meat for my fiance...however, if the flavor wave oven works the way it says it does i might just give it a try.

also, my brother has shown EXTREME enthusiasm towards the miracle blades...y'know, the ones where the guy slices a pineapple with just one swing? i don't see why it wouldn't work, but maybe there's a catch like it needs constant sharpening or something.

and then there's this dicer thing...i can't remember the name. instead of slicing, say, a tomato, you place it in this bowl, cover it with a lid and press down to put the blades through the tomamto. then it supposedly rotates it by itself and you push down again and it slices the tomato which is now facing in the other direction. anyone know what i'm talking about?

now that i think about it, i did buy one thing...

well, there's not much to it at all. it works like it says it keeps your back straight while working your abs (for non-bulky musdcle). it did show results and i'm sure it would have shown more had i kept up with it. ^_^;; the only thing i felt it didn't do as well as it said it would is working the side parts (love handle area). it's awkward to sit in that position and pull the handle at the same time. maybe you get used to it as you go along, i don't know, but i couldn't seem to do it right.

it's easy to store as long as you don't mind taking off and putting on the handles everytime you use it (which isn't hard to do).

when i got it it also came with that free electronic belt that's supposed to work you out. Oo; y'know, the one that jiggles your stomach and that's supposed to help you work out? no way. doesn't work at all, but at least it's fun to play around with. when i put it on it makes me move in certain ways (it really does move your muscles) but people think that i'm pretending. so when i put it on them they get moving for themselves. :D you can't put it on directly, though, you gotta put some gel on or anything water-based in the area where you'll be wearing it.

and so that's it. Oo;
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^_^ Good to know something from an infomercial works. Some day when I have the money for them, I want to get the Bun and Thigh Roller and the 6 Second Abs. I could really stand to lose weight and get rid of my big tummy, but I don't have the space to do a lot of workout stuff. So, hopefully I'll be able to buy them one of these days, and then I'll give a little review when I find out how they work. ^_^
Miracle Blade Perfectin Series 3 is one of my favorite infomericals

I've heard that they are INSANELY sharp but rust after just a few uses, even when you wash them by hand and are very careful.

But not a problem if you just want to saw some sheetrock with them