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Hola! first post for moi

I've got to say, this is a cool community. but we need more posts!!!

i've got some dish on The Turbo Cooker and the Juiceman.

The Juiceman works pretty well. It juices just like the old guy with the weird eyebrows says, and the juice (if you make it right) tastes great. The only thing that sucks is clean up. You see, the juicer juices...well, all of the juices in the vegetables, but gets rid of the pulp. the pulp shoots out into this container (it looks better than it sounds, haha) and you throw it away later. but its really inconvenient just because it can be messy. and the razor blade-dish thing inside the juicer needs to be cleaned after you're done and you can put it in the dish washer, but it wont wash out as well unless you actually manually wash with your hands and a brush. you need the brush to scrub the pulp that's stuck out. i dont mind washing dishes manually anyway, so this wasn't hard, but sometimes the stuck pulp got annoying and hard to scrub out. i personally dont like dishwashers.

The Turbo Cooker, surprisingly, works pretty well also. The pasta is tender when you cook it (the first dish i made was tuna cassarole...yum!), or at least when i cooked it; however, i haven't tried all of the pasta recipes yet so some of the recipes may not turn out as well as my tuna cassarole. i also made a veggie-stuffed chicken breast for dinner one time, and boy did it cook the chicken fast. it took only FIVE to EIGHT minutes to fully cook through the chicken. i was pretty amazed. the chicken tasted pretty nice too; not too dry. but, again, i haven't tried all of the meat recipes so im not sure how good of a cooker it is completely. but so far, so good! oh yeah, and the recipe cards are really nice!

oh and i have a question--if you buy ASOT products at stores like Target, are you able to return them if they dont work???? i've been DYING to try certain products.

time for homework for me now, haha.
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