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Step-in shaper? [30 May 2008|09:25am]
Last night I turned on the tv and as I was browsing the guide there was an ad playing for something I had designed in my head and was thinking I should see what it would take to market. Apparently someone else thought of it too :P

It was a body shaper that you step into and goes over your shoulders. So it doesnt have a built-in bra, you dont  have to worry about fitting that part, just the bottom part. Anyway I wasnt paying a whole lot of attention, assuming I could find it online somewhere. I've searched, I can't find it, I've found several others, but not the one I saw last night. I don't even know what channel the TV was on. If anybody knows what this product is called I'd appreciate it a lot. 
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I need help!!! [29 Sep 2006|12:02pm]

Does anybody remember an infomercial from the mid 80's where you could buy this product to make your own quilt?
it would like, pump out little patches, maybe in the shape of flowers? maybe it was an afgan? well when we were like 4, my best friends parents told her they ordered it to shut her up (they never did)...and it would be so funny if i could find it and buy it for her, 20 years later!!! thanks for your help!!!!

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I'm going crazy... [07 Jul 2006|11:52pm]

I just bought a puppy and I live in an apartment complex so I have to clean up after him. I remember seeing this thing on tv that wasn't just a pooper scopper but it picked up liquids too; it was a scooper with bags attached to it. You could press a button and the bag would retract and that way you wouldn't have to touch the poop/liquid/etc...

I can't for the life of me remember the name of it or find it online.

Can someone help me please???
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Know of any good "Space Saver" Bags? [06 Jul 2006|04:19pm]
I'm looking for the type of garment bags where you can pile a whole mess of clothing into them, seal them up with a vacuum, and poof! They take 2 to 3 times less space in your closet.

I searched on Amazon.com. Most of the results came back with a brand called 

The prices seem pretty reasonable, but the reviews for this product are just awful! Has anyone found a great alternative to this product or maybe haven't had any problems at all with these bags?
I just want my closet space =-S
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[06 Dec 2005|03:05pm]

hey has anyone tried White Light? (www.whitelight.com) im just curious about it.does it work? thanks.
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Create Video Product Reviews and Earn Amazon gift cards [06 Sep 2005|10:07am]

Hello there infomercial lovers:

I posted something similar awhile back, but the promotion has changed. Check it out, you can get up to $200 in Amazon gift cards! I promise it's legit.

Expo TV is a new start-up TV network and online community that is looking for people to send in their short VIDEO reviews of products they love and hate. Pleased with your PDA? Can't live without your iPod? Jazzed about your Juicer? If you have an opinion, good or bad, Expo TV wants to hear it...and will pay you for it!!

Expo TV is currently offering a special promotion where you can earn a $50 Amazon.com gift card for the first Videopinion you create and get $25 worth of gift cards for each additional video, up to $200 (7 videos) per person! This is a great opportunity to share your product stories, help grow this new community, get exposure, and most importantly earn gift cards to buy new stuff at Amazon.com!

Check out the video gallery at http://www.expotv.com/VideopinionGallery.aspx and click on the "Beta Promotion" link on the left-hand side of the page for more information.
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[15 Feb 2005|07:59pm]

How wonderful, a community about tv infomercial products!

I love infomercials, it's one of my strangest fetishes. I don't just watch them late at night because there's nothing on, I actually set up time every weekend to watch the daytime infomercials. I'm obsessed! My favorites are the Miracle Blade III, Showtime Rotisserie Oven, and Express 101, but the Little Giant and that one about the compact tailgating grill are pretty good. I prefer food and kitchen accessory infomercials to anything else and can't stand exercise and diet/health pill infomercials.

Sadly, I have never bought a product, but some of them are pretty tempting. The Express 101 gets me every time.
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new here! [07 Jan 2005|12:54pm]

hi everyone, i just joined. :] dunno if anyone's been checking the community recently but it couldn't hurt to post.

i get very tempted by infomercials but since i usually don't have the money to buy it, i never call. still, some of the things might be worth saving up for so i was wondering if anyone has the inside scoop on some of the things i'm interested in.

anyone have the scoop on flavor wave oven, and miracle blade?Collapse )

now that i think about it, i did buy one thing...

the ab-away proCollapse )
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Hola! first post for moi [09 Sep 2004|06:52pm]

I've got to say, this is a cool community. but we need more posts!!!

i've got some dish on The Turbo Cooker and the Juiceman.

The Juiceman works pretty well. It juices just like the old guy with the weird eyebrows says, and the juice (if you make it right) tastes great. The only thing that sucks is clean up. You see, the juicer juices...well, all of the juices in the vegetables, but gets rid of the pulp. the pulp shoots out into this container (it looks better than it sounds, haha) and you throw it away later. but its really inconvenient just because it can be messy. and the razor blade-dish thing inside the juicer needs to be cleaned after you're done and you can put it in the dish washer, but it wont wash out as well unless you actually manually wash with your hands and a brush. you need the brush to scrub the pulp that's stuck out. i dont mind washing dishes manually anyway, so this wasn't hard, but sometimes the stuck pulp got annoying and hard to scrub out. i personally dont like dishwashers.

The Turbo Cooker, surprisingly, works pretty well also. The pasta is tender when you cook it (the first dish i made was tuna cassarole...yum!), or at least when i cooked it; however, i haven't tried all of the pasta recipes yet so some of the recipes may not turn out as well as my tuna cassarole. i also made a veggie-stuffed chicken breast for dinner one time, and boy did it cook the chicken fast. it took only FIVE to EIGHT minutes to fully cook through the chicken. i was pretty amazed. the chicken tasted pretty nice too; not too dry. but, again, i haven't tried all of the meat recipes so im not sure how good of a cooker it is completely. but so far, so good! oh yeah, and the recipe cards are really nice!

oh and i have a question--if you buy ASOT products at stores like Target, are you able to return them if they dont work???? i've been DYING to try certain products.

time for homework for me now, haha.
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Bring on the commercials! [14 Sep 2003|05:05pm]

Hi, I’m Danielle and I maintain the community commercials.

The name pretty much covers it, despite the vagueness. It’s basically a place for people to talk about commercials they love and hate (and also the ones that make no sense and cause you wonder why anyone would pay money to put it on TV).

So...join if you please.

Hope to see you there!

[x-posted] sorry for the double advertisement (below)
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[11 Jun 2003|02:24pm]

hi, my name's Melanie and I jut joined. Here's a word from my sponsor!
is a community where you can rate all your favorite commercials! Ever argue with your friends about commercials, you know, the old, so good or no good debate? well, join up here and get some answers!
p.s. you cant get mad at me for advertising my community, because you people love that stuff =P
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[09 Sep 2002|01:07am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Yes, well... someone really should post something here hehe...

My mom ordered some Nads... and it doesn't work. It hurts. It's icky, hard to spread and takes NO hair off.

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So... [04 Sep 2002|04:19pm]

What were your experiences with things you bought from infomercials?
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[31 Aug 2002|12:10pm]

I just created this community and I can't wait for everyone to start posting about things they've bought from those late night infomercials you end up watching when nothing else is on!
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